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22.1.2018 “Eatwithfingers” has cutlery

Today we met Geraldine and Michael. Geraldine is Mauritian and Michael is from Vienna, Austria. The two met in Mauritius back in 2006 and then moved to Vienna together. They have been back to Mauritius for a few months now. They have fulfilled one of their dreams and opened the café “Eatwithfingers”.

Geraldine is a successful food blogger www.eatwithfingers.com. For her, Eathwithfingers is the perfect place to introduce people to her recipes. We are so lucky that the coffeeshop is close to where we live. It’s decoration and furniture is cute and hip. The style reminds us of a small Berliner restaurant. We think it is great that they have set up a reading area where guests can bring books and take them back home to read. This concept is stuck in our brains since the beginning of our journey. We want to leave a brief message in books that we have read, and then pass it on. Now we know the perfect place.


We tried the Eatwithfingers’ breakfast menu. On the menu, we see a * and look curiously down what it stands for. The * says: “We have cutlery”. We don’t get this right now. Suddenly in the evening, as we swim in the pool, Martin has a flash of inspiration: “Do you understand why they explicit say that they have cutlery in Eatwithfingers?”, Haha, now I got it too. Pretty creative joke. Of course you don’t have to eat with your fingers there.


The two have served us such delicious vegan food. We had a chocolate brownie, peach and raspberry smoothie, fruit chia pudding, chocolate pancakes and a watermelon smoothie bowl. So basically paradise for us. The business seems to go well. The two want to expand it and open another coffeeshop. We think it is very admirable what they have built up so far. We take our hats off to you! We will come back for sure.

Eatwithfingers address:

Vingt Pieds Road
30513 Grand Baie
Riviere Du Rempart

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  • 12/02/2018

    Das sieht alles sehr verlockend aus auf ausgezeichnet gelungenen Aufnahmen!