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About me

Facts about me

Travelling + Landing


I am a life lover and live the life that makes me happy. I started living my own dreams, not the ones of the others. Travelling and landing is a part of myself.

Travelling means to me being open to something new. When I am on the road, I always want to get to know new countries and their cultures.

Landing means to me to live somewhere else for a longer time. Where I feel comfortable and where I think that I should live here for a certain period.

These two attitudes seem to be contradictory. My husband and I found a good solution: we are travelling the world. However, not in the classical way. We go to countries where we feel connected to and stay there for a while.


My family and my friends say that I am brave. My husband and I sold our two cars and our flat in Austria that we can travel freely. In the eyes of our society, we gave up everything that we had. However, to be actually free, we wanted to sell, give away or store it as much of our stuff as possible. When travelling the world, we want to be flexible and don’t plan too much. A friend of us says “Give your life space that it can surprise you.” So, it seems as I am brave and it is ok for me to live differently.


As described above the solution for my contradiction is to be a destination photographer. As a destination photographer, I love to accept jobs all around the world. It makes me happy to get to travel around. The second option is to contact me where I am stationary.


Since I am 10 years old, I decided to become vegan. It felt right for me to be able to live in harmony with myself and the environment. Until today I still have this feeling. I am a harmony-loving person. Therefore I think the vegan lifestyle is the right one for me. I feel very good with this decision. Yes, you could call me a vegan photographer.


I believe everyone is a DreamA. Also me – I do have several dreams. I want to turn all of these into reality. Some of them need time and I need to work on them to become a reality. I think it is also important to have small dreams. Small dreams come true faster than bigger ones. This way I feel more moments of happiness and joy than just working towards one big dream.


Right now I am living my biggest dream. After my recent graduation in my master’s degree in Information Media Communication I decided to travel the world. Before opening this new chapter in our life, we got married in a unique way. In short, after our wedding, we created a concept for getting married differently. We want to support the bride and the groom to think outside the box and to create their own wedding ceremony. In the way which suits them best. Through coachings and gathering ideas together the couple should be prepared for their big day. You can find more information on www.weddingdreamas.world.

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