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You are a life lover and you live the life that makes you happy. You started living your own dreams, not the ones of the others.

You are brave and it is ok for you to be different than the others, even though some people won’t understand you. You accept that there is not the only truth but that everybody has his or her own truth in his or her own world.

You care for yourself, listen to your body and your heart.

You are grateful for what you have.

You treat yourself good and are careful with your environment. You have empathy for people as well as animals.

You are a citizen of THIS planet since countries and borders don’t exist for you in this common sense.

Do you feel like this is you?


Marie Jorunn Photography isn’t stationary. As a destination photographer, I am happy to accept jobs around the world.

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Marie Jorunn Videography captures the development of any process from different perspectives with moving images.


Namestories is a platform for the story of how someone got his or her name. Every name can be an appeal or a remark. However, a name is never given randomly.

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Travel Blog

My husband Martin and I have been travelling the world since December 2017. We write about our experiences on my blog, using photos and videos to provide interesting content.

UI Design

Marie Jorunn designs User Interfaces for mobile apps. Her style is mostly connected with photos, lightly shown in the background of the app.

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Graphic Design

Marie Jorunn’s graphical work reflects the love and attention to detail.

Marie Jorunn Destination Photographer on the road as Love Catcher

Current destination:



As a destination photographer, I am travelling the world together with my husband Martin. Right now we are living in Bali. If you wish a LoveCatcher photoshoot in Bali, please feel free to contact me. I am looking forward to experiencing unique moments with you.

Love Catcher

If it is by chance or not, as my second name my parents gave me the Faroean name “Jorunn”. Not a long time ago I was happy to learn that my name includes “love” in it’s meaning. From that, the term “Love Catcher” was born. Love Catcher is, therefore, an extension of my name Jorunn. Love Catcher stands for keeping and saving unforgettable moments of a loving couple.

It is as simple as the name says. The couple shouldn’t feel distracted by me hopping around. The most natural and meaningful photos happen exactly in these situations. As soon as a couple stands in front of me, I behave like a fairy. I am catching these precious moments unobtrusively and carefully.

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